Trend of Wearable Device Technology and Application Forum

AR / VR / MR applications making weaves this year. Scientists and engineers are all dedicated to create a different kind of experience since virtual reality technology developed from the 1950s. Google Glasses has make wearable devices all the rage which leads Facebook, Google, HTC, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft and other technology giants have launched wearable products, hoping to create an unprecedented sensory experience. According to marketing research institution Digi Capital predicts that VR / AR market value will reach $120 billion by 2020.

In fact, AR / VR / MR technology has been carried out relevant applications and experiments in live streaming, real estate, fashion, medical and military fields. Virtual application market has great potential, therefore that’s a big challenge how manufacturers enter and grasp the big business.

This event will focus on the AR / VR / MR technologies and practical application development and in-depth analysis related to opportunities and challenges. Enthusiastically welcome your attendant.