JORJIN / TI 2016 ICTS unveil 3D ToF image sensing chipset

JORJIN / TI 2016 ICTS unveil 3D ToF image sensing chipset

Jorjin Technologies Inc. will be attending 1
st - 5th November 2016 Information and Communication Technology Show(ICTS) at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) to jointly exhibited with Texas Instruments (TI) a new 3D Time-of-Flight ( ToF ) Image Sensor Chipset. With 3D camera embedded with TI chipset and through the intermediary software to support finger, palm and body motion tracking, and 3D depth interactive display. Not only to provide gesture recognition, but also multi-person flow calculation, vehicle radar equipment, assisting to robot arm and so on.

Relevant applications will be exhibited during the ICTS at Jorjin Group Booth;
 B076/ 5.2H (Hall 3F), with the aim of introducing the technology into the industrial Internet of Things and bringing more positive and convenient applications.

The existing people counter system using 2D image identification, encounter loose wearing, children and crowds of people overlap, easy to produce false positives. ToF 3D sensor provides 3D detection, distance and interpretation, can overcome this problem. 3D Deep Interactive can displays tilt, rotate, compress, and scale images, a technology that offers significant advantages for a wide variety of applications.


We believe that the constant pursuit of new technologies and the introduction of more innovative application portfolio, can promote technological innovation, accelerate Industrial Internet of Things and shorten the interaction between human and machine. Jorjin plans to launch a complete range of solutions to meet the needs of various forms of application. For more information, please refer to the Jorjin global official website:  or send request to: .