Jorjin at 2017 AMPA/AutoTronics


Come Experience at AMPA/AutoTronics on

April 19 - 21, 2017

As an important industry professional,
Jorjin is pleased to invite you to experience our newest innovative automotive solutions at AMPA/AutoTronics 2017 in a private room, which will be conveniently located just off the 4th floor in Nangang Exhibition Center, TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 in Room 404.


Just a few of the live demos you can expect to see:

·       Jacinto 6® Entry Low Cost Reference Design

·       TDA3 GPU Less 3D Surround View

·       FPD-Link Solution for ADAS Application

·       Partner Solution: 77GHz Radar + AHD Front Camera by Autoequips, Alpha

·       Partner Solution: HD360 AVM + Side View Cameras combine 24GHz Radar by Autoequips, Alpha

·       Partner Solution: Smart Mirror + 24GHz Radar by Kentec, Alpha

·       Partner Solution: Jacinto 6® Entry Cluster with InfoADAS by China Motor

·       Partner Solution: Jacinto 6® Car Infotainment SW Ecosystem by Mcloudware

·       Partner Solution: Agriculture Transportation Cluster by Autoequips

·       Partner Solution: T-BOX (Cloud Service) by Jorjin, Alpha, BKEEN

·       Partner Solution: Solar Panel on Rooftop & Solar Battery by Tainergy

·       Partner Solution: Battery Storage for Fleet Management by Tainergy

·       Partner Solution: Bluetooth LE TPMS by Picolink


To schedule a meeting, please respond to this email.

Pre-registration: Taipei AMPA / AutoTronics


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