Jorjin at AMPA/AutoTronics

AMPA/AutoTronics opened on the 19th of April and ended on the 22nd of April 2017. Its aim is to present the latest products and trends from all over the world regarding the Automotive sector, likAutomobile Frames & Parts, Engine Parts & Fittings Components & Parts for Electric Vehicle etc. 

Altogether, about 1,200 exhibitors presented their products at AMPA/AutoTronics during these three days. 

At this exhibition, Jorjin presented its newest innovative Automotive solutions, as well as the Partner Solution in corporation with Alpha and BKEEN. 


Both of the Modules contain an Automotive Qualification Standard. 


WQ7833-B0 Wi-Fi Module 

  • WiFi, BT and BLE SiP (system in package) module is the most demanded design for embedded system applications with Wilink8 solution

Q100 CPU SoM Module 

  • Processor: Sitara AM3352BZCZT60 600Hz, 1200 DMIPS
  • Graphics Engine: SGX530 3D, 20M Polygons/S
  • SDRAM Memory: 512MB DDR3L 606MHZ

Partner Solution: T-BOX (Cloud Service) by Jorjin, Alpha, BKEEN