Keelung City EXPO

On October 21st, Keelung Expo will be hosted. Lin Yu-chang, the Mayor of Keelung, plays the role of stylish chef and cooks Golden Fisher Hotpot and Italian Seafood Hotpot, and hosts a competition of two hotpots in the press conference located on YM Oceanic Culture and Art Museum today, on October 11st. Mayor Lin indicates the cruise tourists are expected to rise over 900 thousands. Therefore, he wishes to reveal the great entertainment of Keelung to keep the business opportunity remaining in Keelung because Keelung is the important sources of national seafood ingredient, and the local cate culture can be improved into Keelung seafood delicacy, and the Keelung can be a Delicacy City. Through the hotpot competition, seafood cuisines can get rid of the stereotype of local cate and has its own creativity in the future. Besides, the foreign food can become the best cuisines by cooking with the freshest seafood from Keelung Harbor.


Mayor Lin says, cuisine industry is the major lesson of Keelung future industry development. It improves the entire culture and its additional value, and it will refresh the Keelung City’s entire impression. The Keelung city government is cooperating with fishers association, Ching Kuo Institute, and restaurants owners and experts to create the higher value of food, enhancing the smell, the taste and the looking of cuisines enjoyment. Moreover, Keelung has been the city of culture and the city of art, and now it will be the city of cuisine.


In the press conference, Patrick, the Italian Chief of Piazza, well cooks Italian Cacciucco Spicy Seafood Hotpot, competing to the Golden Fisher Hotpot, cooked with great Chinese white shrimp and chikuwa, by stylish chief Mayor Lin. During the competition, Mayor Lin has never forgotten to market the Keelung’s seafood ingredients and taste the marvelous cuisines cooked by local restaurant cooks. The savory food conducts the hunger of visitors.


The Industry Development Department indicates 2017 Keelung Expo will be hosted during October 21st to 29th at Western 2 and 3 Ports Warehouse with City Development Section and Industry Exhibition Section two themes. The Industry Exhibition Section will have the Tourism Cuisine. Tourism Cuisine introduces and markets the local agriculture and fishing products, and promotes the tourism value of the Keelung local food ingredients and cuisines. The exhibition will hold multiple activities such as “Keelung Harbor Chief Cooking Shows”, “Special Cuisine Feast Month”, “National Sugar Cake Competition”, and “72 meter Seafood Sub”, and the last two are based on Keelung Harbor seafood. Especially, the “Special Cuisine Feast Month” will be hosted from October 16th to November 15th. During the time, there are 30 special permitted restaurants from entire country will put the cuisines, cooked by local ingredients, on display, and will offer sale promotions. Visitors will get a chance to win the special prize such as local special product, cuisine coupon and etc. by uploading a photo took with cuisine.  

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