Jorjin Audio Sensor - J Cone Will Boost Up Your Smart Home Application

Jorjin Audio Sensor - 
J Cone Will Boost Up Your Smart Home Application



Jorjin aims to provide the smartest and the most valuable cost-effective solutions for customers worldwide. We are proud to introduce the J Cone, our state-of-the-art audio sensor.

The J Cone is an audio sensor which has an array of 4 microphones, and a 32bit Cortex M4 MCU with audio algorithms built-in. Jorjin’s J Cone is capable of enhancing your IoT hardware for a smart city or smart home application. 

The features included in the J Cone are beamforming and sound sourcing. These functions can be extended by additional components (wireless, speaker, etc..). The J Cone can be used for both fixed and non-fixed angle hardware applications. For example, drive-through services & car navigations are fixed angle applications, while robots, IOT (echo-liked) and Con-call devices (ie., Polycom) are non-fixed angle hardware applications. The function of sound detection and voice pick up are the results of Beamforming and Sound source algorithms.

Jorjin is not only a trustworthy provider of the J Cone hardware, but also an expert audio sensor consultant for your mechanical, acoustic, and audio design needs. 



Sound Source 

Jorjin’s J Cone has the capability to point out where the sound is permeating from. With 4 microphones built-in, it provides 360 degrees of sound detection of your surroundings with the angle resolution of 45 degrees.


The J Cone uses any 2 of the 4 built-in microphones with a specific angle for voice pick up. The pickup angle can be changed through the software (Windows based).