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SD 820 (AQDA232JC-E1)
Key Features

·       64-bit Quad Kryo core

·       Adreno 530 3D Graphics @624MHz

·       H.265 4K60 decode, 4K30 encode

·       Qualcomm Hexagon DSP

·       3GB LPDDR4

·       32GB eMMC or optional UFS Flash

·       PCIe x 1 port

·       HDMI2.0 x 1 port

·       MIPI_DSI, four-lane x 2 DPHY 1.1 at 2.1Gbps

·       USB3.0 host x 1 port

·       USB2.0 host x 1 port

·       MIPI_CSI, four-lane x 3 up to 8Gbps

·       UART x 4 ports

·       MI2S x 6 ports

·       SPI x 1 port, I2C x 2 port

SD820 SOM is a micro AP module consisted by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 platform

with CPU APQ8096/APQ8096SG, Power Management IC PM8996 and Battery

Charger unit PMI8996. And use the POP LPDDR4 to reduce the PCB area. The cost

and time-to-market advantage of SoM will help in Smart Media Devices used

Wifi/Bluetooth/GPS wireless connectivity adoption in the world IOT market.

SD 820 System Quick Guide
SD 820 (AQDA232JC-E1) Datasheet