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High Performance 76 - 81GHz mmWave Module for Industrial Sensing Application Kit
Key Features

MT5A61E01K is a compact sensor module with 76 – 81 GHz high frequency, integrating mmWave technology from Texas Instruments. The embedded module offers low power consumption and ultra precision in detection, optimal for industrial safety and high-precision vibration.

General Features

■ Dimension: 73.5(H) x 65(L) x 2mm(D) mm
■ 5V/2A Power Adapter with a 2.1mm barrel jack
■ GoPro Tripod Mount Connector with Screw

■ Industrial Applications

■ Security monitoring Applications
■ Ultra-accurate Vibration detection
■ Environment Monitor
■ Lighting Control

Jorjin introduces MT5A61E01K sensor module, built in with 2Tx, 4Rx antenna and specific SDK. The module is powered by ARM Cortex-R4F processor subsystem. Used in safety guide, the module is able to detect 6m distance with a 120-degree angle. This MT5A series module is designed for industrial safety and high-precision vibration. The easy implementation requires just Micro USB connection with a personal computer, while the SDK enables the software application interface for monitoring, inspection and maintenance purposes. With the built-in antenna and sensing capability, MT5A61E01K optimizes mmWave applications.

MT5A61E01K datasheet