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Application Processor Modules

Our AP Modules are based on Texas Instruments application processors. These contain the core components including processor SoC, power management and RAM. The current product line covers ARM Cortex A8 &  Dual Core A9 & Cortex A5 platforms.

Jorjin provides evaluation platforms as well as full software support for Android, Linux and WinCE operating systems. This module approach is cost neutral when compared to an on-board design and significantly reduces time-to-market and risk.

Part NumberChipsetWLANHost InterfaceDimensionsCertificationGrade
ST-335x0 TI AM335x 100x72x13mm
AQDA232JC-E1 Qualcomm APQ8096 36.8x20.4x1.15mm
AAAL115JS-00 Atmel SAMA5D31 18 x 14 x 1mm
ATCE081JS-02 TI OMAP4460 29.75 x 22.25 x2.65mm