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Component Distribution/Agent

Jorjin distributes a range of components, complimentary to our wireless connectivity and application processor modules, for projects designed or manufactured in Asia. These include Barcode scanning module, filters, TCXOs, chip antennas, 2, 3 & 4G modems and EMI shielding components.      



(Germany) +49-5424-2340-0 

(Germany) +49-8971-0667-415

 (France) +33-0160-8680-04 

(North America) +1-631-320-0000 

(Singapore) +65-6510-2480

(India) +91-80-2229-0038


(South Africa) +27-1192-39600

Part NumberChipsetWLANHost InterfaceDimensionsCertificationGrade
Bluetooth Barcode Scanner - JBS series
Honeywell Barcode Engine - N3680 Series