Jorjin in Automotive Industry

As a new member of Next Generation Driving Information Platform Development Alliance, Jorjin presenting Automotive System Solutions and Wi-Fi connectivity integrated with software service.

Miracast is a standard for wireless conncetions from devices to displys, which makes it easy for multimedia transfer from mobile phone to various kind of devices ( Set-top Box, Smart TV, Navigator, Car HUD ) 

  • Jorjin has provided a total solution for "HDMI" over "Wi-Fi". Miracast is a wireless standard, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi Direct, for the connections between devices and displays. Devices from different manufactures that are Miracast certified can communicate with each other; devices that are non-Miracast certifided can as well connect to Miracast through HDMI or USB ports.
  • It is a success that Jorjin has implemented Miracast solution into the use of automobile. Based on the application processor of Texas Instruments, Jorjin integrates wireless onnnectivity, RAM, Flash, HDMI, USB into one deice; moreover, Android 4.2 above and Windows 8.1 both support the Miracast standard as default.

Bluetooth Profile, a specification regarding an aspect of Bluetooth-based wireless connunication between devices. By incroporating the technology into automobiles, users are able to conveniently share audio and video data between connected devices; which accomplish a more straightforward communication between hmans and cars.Jorjin makes it:

  • Low Energy and Classic Profiles.
  • Secure Simple Pairing.
  • Share media along with wearable devices, smart phones, tablets and computers.

Jorjin work with 3rd party to provide the Bluetooth profile and support some use case:

  • Monitor and Diagnose automobile systems.
  • Bluetooth enabled tablets and mobile phone with the audio system or run apps.
  • Basic handfree or A2DP sink site feature.

PGPS is a location service platform with embedded software and cloud-based service to provide quickly, accurately positioning technology.

Key Features:

  • Predicted GNSS ephemeris.
  • Real-time GNSS ephemeris.
  • Wi-Fi & cell-ID positioning.
  • Ultra-sensitive GNSS receiver.