Jorjin Solutions for IIoT

Sensor Tag- Temperature, Humidity, eCO2, Light

Merging with new sensing technologies, Jorjin make it presented in Real Vision. We offer visual solutions for wide range of application, which can be easily used in Industrial field.

Core Chip

Jorjin ZB7500-00

RF Band



Eco2, Humidity & Temperature sensor

Power source

Solar panel, S-Cap, Rechargeable Battery

Operation temperature

-40–40°C to 85°C


49x 46 x 9mm


60g ( without USB cable )

Performance of solar panel



 Wi-Fi Modules with Peer-to-peer Technology

  • Jorjin works with several partners to implement peer-to-peer (P2P) technology into Wi-Fi modules. P2P technology provides a fully secured communication infrastructure to customers. It gives simple, real-time direct, encrypted communication between devices.
  • This value is good for the use of Smart Home, Smart City, and vertical market. Through the modules with P2P technology, our customers are able to establish connection/remote control without firewall restriction.  

All-around Bluetooth Smart/ZigBee Module

  • Jorjin’s latest BLE module and ZigBee modules are designed based on Texas Instruments (TI) CC26xx family chipsets. Both devices contain a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor with an ultralow power sensor controller; moreover, these modules are with low active RF and MCU current consumption, which provide impressive battery life cycle.
  • Jorjin adds values on these modules and provide total solutions to customers. By doing original design for customers, with the advantage of power management, the solutions can be easily used for sensor control, data collection, and more. 

Wi-Fi Audio & Video Module with Mesh Solution

  • With an audio decoder on board, Jorjin’s Wi-Fi modules have the capability of local playback and processing wireless streaming applications.
  • The implementation of Wi-Fi Mesh provides customers more options on the use of Wi-Fi Audio & Video modules. The Motorola Mesh solutions have the advantage of low latency, high throughput and Audio & Video Qos. Customers are able to connect devices together under the same mesh network; moreover, it does not only support Android devices but also iOS devices.
  • The Mesh Wi-Fi modules provide users extended distance connectivity with low latency of data transmitting. It can be designed into speakers with multi-room features; furthermore, there are customers implementing the technology to military communications.