Jorjin Smart Glass Solution 

  • Smart glasses are a wearable computer that the user can control it through a near-eye display and a relatively smaller control (or voice control). Jorjin’s smart glasses are built with an application processor module, wireless connectivity module, camera module, sensors, and other parts. 

  • Jorjin can provide Smart glass solution includes the necessary part that customers are able to create a simple monocular smart glasses. Jorjin Smart Glass Solution is based on Texas Instrument OMAP4460 processor platform, which is an excellent Android based platform for both hardware and application development.





Smart glasses can be applied to different fields with varied features. Jorjin is able to develop smart glasses based on the customer needs. We can add a number of sensors, such as thermal imaging, fingerprint, or near-infrared; moreover, customers have options on the size of storage: 16GB, 32GB, or cloud/server based device management solutions. Other than storage size and sensor types, camera, security, display and battery can all be defined by the preference of customers. 
JGL-S101 Datasheet 
JGM-M200 Instruction guide